The gods are at war.

The gods are at war. Turmoil and unrest has come to the land of Patientia (Pah-tee-en-sha). Whether or not one believes in the gods is irrelevant. All will be affected. Armies are amassing all over. Armies that support one god, or the other. Some that oppose all the gods. Some that aren’t of this world. Amoth, once the god of Justice and Mercy, thought to be slain by demon princes, has returned to Patientia. And he wants blood. He won’t stop until every drop has been spilled. Amoth calls for an extermination of sentient life on Patientia. He has begun amassing an army of demons, and even calling back warriors from the dead as his method of destroying life. It is also said that Melora and Ioun, Goddesses of Nature and Knowledge, respectively, wish for a fresh start. To wipe clean the slate, not forever, but to make room, for new life created in their own image. They wish only to destroy humanoids, with the exception of some elf clans, dubbed the “Servovis”, returning Patientia to nature.

Finally, Bahamut, god of Protection and Justice, Moradin, god of Family and Community, and Erathis, goddess of Civilization, are considered by most humanoids as the “Sanctus Trinus”. They are opposed to Amoth, and have vowed to protect the humanoids. They have sent agents to the world as messengers, guides, and even generals. These gods and their agents are the most predominant heavenly figures in Patientia. They frequent the mortal planes and commonly interact with kings and nobles in attempts to unite and rally them against Amoth.

Sterilizing Divinity